About Company

Logix Application Software Package started to serve its clients in 2004. One of the most distinguishing features of Logix software is it's being a local software product.
The software was developed by local specialists using the company’s own resources.
There were nearly 100 modifications of 15 Logix software modules until 2010. In 2010 we founded Destec.
The software increased the number of its modules and in 2014, after the establishment of Destec Group, it entered the market with its new sales and service.
Nowadays, the Logix Application Software Package serves thousands of users in more than 800 enterprises with its 30 modules.
Our goal is to prepare the basis of modules that enterprises need within a short time and function as a local company in charge of planning and programming the resources to automate the activities of medium and large businesses.
Today despite the negative economic indicators Destec Group has many achievements and is increasing the number of products, along with the number of its personnel and dealers. Currently, the company employs 30 people, including 20 technical staff.


  • Warehouse and Sales Management
  • Warehouse and Sales Management
  • Sales management in Clothes
  • Mobile Sales

Management Systems

  • Production Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Accounting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Document Management

Service Industry

  • Restaurants
  • Tourism and Hotels
  • Fitness & SPA
  • Clinic Management
  • Warehouse Management System


The Software Module Warehouse allows you to manage a number of warehouses from one center. The Logix Warehouse system, integrated into all barcoding devices, easily handles a large number of operations, starting with the registration of goods, their acceptance and leave and up to the control of the rest of the goods.
Track all your movements until your goods are sold from your warehouse, to report on your merchandise or loss report, and identify items that are not commercially available on your shelves.
Logix clothes manages many stores from one center, monitors the acceptance and sale of goods using a bar code and Radio Frequency Identification.
Logix Mobile Sales System is an automated system that allows companies with a distribution network to manage their sales data. The system provides an instant flow of information that is necessary for regional sales units. As a result, the system has a significant impact on sales performance and minimizes costs.


Logix Production management system helps to automate the entire production process on the basis of individual phases and divisions, starting with the acceptance of raw materials in warehouse.
It ensures greater efficiency of business processes and their implementation under the control of the system. It is a system that ensures the adoption of managerial decisions and more effective implementation of decisions taken and supports the principle of accountability. In addition, with the help of the business process management system, it is possible to track the sequence of all business processes and receive reports on all these processes
Logix CRM system that collects and processes information about customers, other business participants, competitors / suppliers / dealers / distributors in the course of business management.
Logix HR module that provides management of human resources, as well as control of staff compliance. This module provides business solutions, as a result of which the company creates an effective staff structure and management of such business processes as staff development within the company.
This is a software module that provides control over the circulation of documents within the enterprise. It accomplishes an automation of the document processing and also contributes to acceleration of work processes, that depend on these documents, which, in general, leads to an increase in the profitability of the enterprise.


Logix Restaurant module offers cafes, bars, fast food, tea houses and more as well as automation of such businesses.
Logix Tourism and Hotel System is a software package designed to streamline the activities of companies operating in the tourism sector. The system ensures automation and centralized management of all business processes.
This is a high-level reporting system that provides management of all business processes in fitness centers from a single software platform and provides an opportunity to assess the quality of services provided to customers.
Logix Clinic Management systems that facilitates the work of existing clinical departments, providing direct management of the processes of interaction between doctors, patients and clinic staff.
Logix WMS module is designed to manage large warehouses and logistics centers. This is a management system that covers the storage conditions of the product in accordance with the storage conditions and provides all the principles in this field FIFO, FEFO, LEFO, FILO, FELO. The module is integrated with many devices working inside the warehouse. In addition, it can be integrated with any other devices and control systems.

Control your assets, control your business

Modules work by easy-to-learn, comprehensive calculations and an easy-to-understand and secure system that is tailored to the latest technological developments.

All the modules in the continuously developed LOGIX management systems work in coordination with one another.