LogiX Distribution

LogiX Distribution

You need distribution software to make your job easier, both during the immediate sale and later in the shipping process. Logix software suggests more functionalities for making easy your job processes and preventing all errors that you can do them manually. With Logix distribution solution, you can see all things in one monitor and manage processes like accepting your orders, making order fulfillment, and finally the sales process. Therefore, rightly distributing your products will help to save in your budget, make your customers happy, and enables you to grow your business.

For preventing errors

When sales orders are completed manually, problems could happen. The Logix software automates the processing of sales orders and the development of delivery orders. As well as billing is handled automatically by the Logix system. This eliminates the need for human intervention.

For managing properly

With this system, your distribution business might be able to handle needs more rapidly and successfully, from order placement through product delivery. All of the information is updated in real-time. Real-time data power enables cost control along your supply and distribution chain.

The Logix software allows users to set up rules for automatically applying for discounts and promotions and tracking the status of their orders. The software offers real-time visibility into inventory, current prices, and shipment information.

For timely delivery

The Logix software can fully regulate the process and put an end to delays by creating rules, controlling drop shipments, and monitoring various warehouses.

When you take the order you enter all orders automatically into the system and manage changes from the beginning to the sales processes. Therefore you can see all processes and if you need them at this time you can prevent delays easily.

For tracking sales

You may quickly obtain analytical data and follow sales at planned intervals. The rate of sales growth can also be observed. You may easily complete return and replacement activities with the help of the software. You may also keep track of the orders and delivery schedules of your clients.

For customer satisfaction

By providing quicker service, accurate delivery, and speedy problem-solving during the order fulfillment process, the Logix automation system can gain customer satisfaction for your company.

If you want, you can apply any discount or promotions to your customers through Logix software. Hence you can differentiate your customers and make them loyal to your company.