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All business procedures are handled by one integrated software. The system allows businesses to get overall visibility of their whole operations, manage and integrate the important parts of their business.

The system has the power to increase the productivity and efficiency of businesses across a range of industries. With smart solutions work structure is more beneficial and processes are simplified.

Ensures real-time updates of business data, gets rid of unexpected errors from manual data entry between functions within the company and allows easy to keep track of every activity.

The software helps to save cost, forecasts revenue and allows the company to know where they are and where they have been in the future for long-term benefits and new achievements.

The system is easily capable of producing insightful reports and analytics at any moment. Without the burden of several spreadsheets and emails, this software enables you to compare and analyze operations.

By providing customers with a variety of options and a positive experience, software considerably increases customer satisfaction. Learning about a customer's purchasing patterns and data sources will enable you to provide recommendations.

Why Logix?

Logix suggests solutions with the widest range of features in what field you want

Logix increases its sales area over time including in Europe and America

According to statistics, more than 50% of Logix’s current customers have switched their software to Logix

Logix searches for new technology and continuously enhances its fields so that customers can find the appropriate one easily

Logix always develops software and suggests customers advanced functionalities

Logix offers great service and support in any situation that customer needs


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Logix offers the perfect solutions that every coffee shop needs. This is really very important software for coffee shops at a time when people don't want to waste their time.

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As a result of fluctuating demand, costs, and other factors, distribution organizations encounter numerous difficulties in managing their inventory and supply chains.

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It is now impossible not to use the software while working in the food industry. Because a large number of processes leads to many problems if there is no software.

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Nowadays, using software while working in the off-license industry is an inevitable choice. Because if there is no software, a huge number of processes cause various problems.

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It's fair to say that companies in the restaurant sector encounter a wider range of difficulties than those in other industries. All businesses can profit from using Logix software, but those in the restaurant industry can gain from it the most.

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Logix software for clothing in the retail sector helps businesses streamline and automate their processes, and manage their entire process from start to finish much more efficiently.

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