Look at the purchase behavior and target exact audiences

The software of Logix for the textile industry provides management of multiple stores from one single center.

Harnessing customer data, boost both loyalty and sales

The way that organizations communicate with their customers has been altered by the strategic approach and effective software solution known as customer relationship management (CRM).

The Logix Cloud ERP Maximizes Performance and Flexibility

Logix Cloud ERP is a sort of corporate management software that runs on the cloud rather than on-premises servers.

Redefining Mobility for Seamless Operations with Logix Mobile ERP

Logix Mobile ERP is the application of enterprise resource planning software on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Streamline Your Business with Logix EPOS: Efficient Point-of-Sale Solutions

Logix ERP recognizes the vital importance that effective Point of Sale (Epos) systems play in current corporate processes.

Maximize Efficiency with Logix ERP Manufacturing Solution

Logix ERP recognizes the manufacturing sector's specific issues and complexities. That is why we created a specialized solution to meet the needs of manufacturing enterprises.

Accurately monitor goods and operations

Because of the volume of inventory that warehouses handle, it is necessary to have a digital tool that optimizes the administration of the warehouse.

Create your special online order

Through online ordering, you can both simplify the work of your customers by creating your own ordering system with the desired ease and customized design, and you can easily gain customer information.

Create order out of chaos

The software of Logix for café and restaurants was created to facilitate the work of many businesses.

Reduce human error and customer waiting time

The software of Logix for the supermarket has the most important and useful functions for all supermarkets.

Manage procurement process from beginning to the end

The procurement and ordering process always demands attention because it is really complicated.

Improve the effectiveness of the entire process

We know that companies need production solutions because, for effective operation, there must be a constant flow of information.

Reward and retain your customers

You can create a loyalty system through Logix to make your customers loyal to your company.

Rightly distribute your products

You need distribution software to make your job easier, both during the immediate sale and later in the shipping process.

Speed up the purchasing process and reduce costs

You can increase the sales of your products and expand your business by creating an e-commerce website to sell your products through Logix.

Implement full automation of tasks across all departments within your enterprise.

Logix solutions are created to oversee and automate an enterprise’s primary business operations. These procedures can involve supply chain management, customer relationship management, accounting, finance, and more.

Automate all operations within the fitness center to enhance customer satisfaction.

Logix system can offer a fitness center a number of advantages, such as reducing business procedures, enhancing customer involvement, and enhancing operations. This streamlines fitness center processes and make their work easy and effective.

Simplify processes within your medium-sized company to accelerate growth

The Logix system also available for medium-sized companies. As the company grows, the Logix system should be able to adapt by adding new modules and features as necessary.

Effortlessly manage incoming and outgoing tourism activities while streamlining processes for increased efficiency.

Tourism activities can be managed by the Logix system for both incoming and outgoing tourism. Incoming tourism refers to tourists coming to a specific location, while outgoing tourism refers to local tourists going to other locations.

Elevate HR Management Efficiency through Integrated Logix Solutions

An organization's different human resources management operations can be streamlined and automated by using a Logix HR ERP solution.

Logix ERP solutions have become essential tools for educational institutions looking to increase efficiency, transparency, and data-driven decision-making.