LogiX Online Order

LogiX Online Order

Through online ordering, you can both simplify the work of your customers by creating your own ordering system with the desired ease and customized design, and you can easily gain customer information. Also, having your own custom ordering system is significant for your branding. Logix will create the ideal ordering system for you, ensuring that you can easily manage all these processes.

For making processes easy

The easier the ordering process is, the more people can complete the ordering process and are enthusiastic to order. You can set up your own online order system the way you want through Logix.

For fast delivering

As a result of the fact that the order reaches directly to the kitchen, kitchen workers conveniently see all the details and make the dish ready as needed. Through the online order system, customer orders are prepared quickly and correctly, which leads to customer satisfaction.

For avoiding time loss

Customers can see the entire menu in the online ordering system and can easily choose their choice among the following varieties. And they can spend as much time as they want to do it. As well as, seeing other options when ordering creates conditions to increase the order quantity. Your specific offers and divisions by categories are marked in this system.

For managing the delivery process

People don't feel comfortable when they call on the phone and explain something, and they think they spend a lot of time on it. But when ordering online, they manage the whole process themselves. They choose the option they want, and they can cancel the order at any time. For this, there is no need to contact anyone.

As well as employees are engaged in accepting orders for non-online orders. This causes both time and money loss. Online orders are accepted only through the system and there is no need for a person.

For preventing errors

If the order quantity is large, any wrong order can be prevented through online orders. In the case of a large number of orders, some errors will inevitably be made when ordering by phone. However, through the online order, the customer selects and confirms the options one by one. Eventually, in the end, it can also see the whole result on the screen.

For removing cases of cheating

In orders made with the online ordering system, people cannot avoid paying after the order. That is, they choose what they want, confirm their choices, and then make the payment. When ordering by phone, they can cancel the order at the last moment by not paying. You can easily avoid such cheating cases through the online order system.

For checking your costs

The major advantage of the online ordering system is that it provides precise information on the restaurant's cash flow. You may monitor the expenses incurred when processing an order, compare those expenses to the price you charge the consumer, and maintain checks on your profitability. An online ordering system will provide you with an accurate financial translation of each order in a day when you receive hundreds of orders without requiring you to check into cash desks.