LogiX Supermarket

LogiX Supermarket

The software of Logix for the supermarket has the most important and useful functions for all supermarkets. It follows all the processes that the goods go through from the moment they are received to the day they are sold, helps to calculate the profit and loss statement, and easily determines the unsold goods. Thus, selling and tracking all products ensures that you meet customer requirements correctly. It also sets the sales reports for a certain period.

For tracking sales

The system shows when sales increase and when they decrease. It is also possible to see the sales results of different product groups. You can also automatically see the sales price by setting the sales percentage. It can be discovered your sales in real-time. To learn what is selling and what is not, you can analyze previous sales data.

It is also possible to report the tracking of goods between the warehouse and the supermarket. You can analyze both the sales status of the products and the sales cost in a single account.

Logix is also a perfect choice for chain supermarkets. If a company has several branches located at different addresses, all of them will be managed by a single central system, and all processes will be reflected in the main system through the software.

For sorting products

Selling by both weight and quantity is possible through this software. For goods sold by weight, there are both special scales that define a barcode, and scales integrated with the cash desk. You can also get statistical information since it also defines the groups of goods. It also allows you to make discounts by product categories, by any date or time. You can change prices and print barcodes with this software.

For customer satisfaction

The system software immediately presents the customer with a receipt that reflects the products purchased by the customer. You can also see the customer's past shopping statistics on the screen. Accordingly, you can follow the preferences of your customers and offer them special discounts.

For preparing daily reports

Through the program, you can get the daily cash report in detail. It is also possible to easily monitor all the money transfers that have taken place. The return and cancellation processes that occur during the day are also reflected in the program.

For work with suppliers

You can make settlements with suppliers in any currency. This system can track inventory and turnover, and automatically send your purchase orders to suppliers via email. It will also help you with returns and credit notes.

For controlling food stock

You can utilize tools to keep track of stock levels and place timely orders. Even you can place orders, and keep track of all your processes. The software makes it possible to report on losses and returns and look into missing stock using a stock variance.