LogiX Textile

LogiX Textile

The software of Logix for the textile industry provides management of multiple stores from one single center. With this software, it is possible to carry out the sale of goods by barcode or RFID. At the same time, the system also allows for increasing customer satisfaction.

For tracking sales

You can follow sales by specified time intervals and get analytical information easily. It is also possible to monitor the growth rate of sales. With the software, you can perform return and replacement operations conveniently. You also have the opportunity to follow your customer's orders and delivery processes.

For managing properly

A special follow-up process is possible to accurately determine the number of rewards for each shop assistant. For different date ranges, you can set up a reward system by goods and groups of goods.

It is possible to import the documents into the system in the electronic version. There is also the possibility of distribution, stocktaking, selling and other operations through the mobile terminals. In the store, the software can be used as an integrated digital advertising tool. In addition, it should be noted that import costs through Logix software are calculated as part of the cost of the goods.

For sorting products

You can make discounts depending on the type, brand, and code of the goods. As well as, through the software, you can sort your goods according to type, brand, code, color, size, and other parameters and filter them based on these indicators.

For preparing daily reports

You can get the daily cash desk report in detail. As well as cash reporting can be shown for any date range. You can see the report of sales, cancellations, returns transactions carried out during the day. In addition, you have the opportunity to use all payment tools and be able to hold an account with any type of currency.

For customer satisfaction

You can follow your customers in detail and apply prices and discounts according to customer groups. Also, according to the statistics of the variety of goods sold, you can conveniently see the products requested by your customers. At the time of sale, it is possible to apply customer-appropriate campaigns by seeing past purchase information of customer that is relevant to the customer. You can submit the detailed invoice to the customer immediately.

For integration with the warehouse

If you have a warehouse, it is possible to arrange all documents related to the warehouse, carry out between warehouses and inter-warehouse transfers and stocktaking, and trace the stock based on the warehouse and store. You can also follow the status of stock in all warehouses on a single report and see losses by comparing warehouse residues.