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Running a business with no Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can mean your disparate systems and scattered data cause delays. To finish tasks, your employees must manually re-enter information, further slowing your business down.

With a Logix ERP System, connect all your systems and data across departments, sites, and operations with a free-flowing, high-functionality, and all-in-one solution.

From our end-to-end software, you will automate your processes, saving time and reducing costs in the day-to-day and ongoing, to really drive your business forward. With the breathing room to perform, you can look ahead with data insights to intelligently forecast your business’ future.

Through the Logix ERP system, get a fully-integrated system that’s award-winning, from a supplier you can trust. Choose from our broad range of modules to scale your software now and as you grow, from Sales and WMS to Accounts and Ecommerce.

Warehouse managment

With a Logix Warehouse Management System (WMS), every operation is rapidly recorded and guided with automation instead of outdated paper-based systems, creating the most efficient warehouse processes....

Trade and warehouse

The Logix Trade and Warehouse Accounting module allows you to manage multiple warehouses from a single center.

Restaurant management

Our all-in-one restaurant solution includes the EPOS terminal, cash drawer, and printer - everything you need to trade.


Unlock a new revenue stream that never closes its doors. Manage inventory, shipping, marketing and reports from one platform in a booming online marketplace.

Featured Cases

Supplier Reconciliation

Reconcile with your suppliers easily and instantly.

24/7 Uptime

A technical service to answer the questions and solve the problems you might encounter.

Instant Inventory

Count inventory in warehouses, stocks or even on shelves instantly with a click.

Federative Cloud

Can work within cloud or on intranet to fit into many market or restaurant chains.

Hardware Integration

Integratable with any type of hardwares from barcodes to humidity sensors.

Services After Sale

Finding the right software can be only half the battle when choosing a new provider. It’s a robust support system that makes all the difference. Logix ensures you make the most out of your new software, and regular upgrades keep it performing at its best.

Our ethos is to put our customers first – that’s why we provide three months of complimentary support as standard from the moment your software is installed.
Our expert support team is based in-house here in the UK to provide first-class telephone and online remote support, with expertise based on a minimum of two months intensive Logix software training.

Responsive, Reliable Support

No matter which software you’re using, issues and challenges will come up. When they do, we’ll always take your call, treat your pain as our pain, and stay with you until it’s fixed.

Flexible deployment options

Choose where you want Logix ERP deployed: in the cloud or your premises. Change your deployment option at any time.

Real-time insights, anywhere, anytime

Logix Cloud lets you manage your business, review all customer interactions, and obtain proactive business reports and insights, all from any web-enabled device anywhere at any time

Open API Integration

We make it easy for other software providers to work with us – for your benefit.